Valparaisology derives fro being a unique social science, as a discipline, it tends to a rigorous and methodical search for hidden and lost aspects of the urban history of the port, its myths, legends and nostalgia for the city transformed into the repository of poetry about El Costa of the South Pacific.

Valparaíso, unrepeatable city, of legendary elevators, painters and night owls. Up and down town. City of fires, speculative looting, earthquakes. Port of lights and storms; shipwreck port, ships, loves, wishes. The most extraordinary city in Chile.

The WBA has been collaborating for 8 years. We are responsible for the brand, the website, a collection of postcards, a book. We love this project because it is a city that has history engraved on its walls. In fact, you can walk on a witness to the first phase of globalization.

Today we are still working on the project. It has many original opportunities, if you are interested in learning about any of the Valparaisology projects, just get in touch. They are specialists in audiovisual production, with many years of experience and very good taste.

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